What happens when you don’t pay attention.

July 25th, 2010

I was hitching up my socks, and didn’t realize i was drifting a little. D’oh! After the initial pain, my back actually felt better than it has in weeks.

Fruitbooty! Toot, toot!

July 17th, 2010

Met one of the fans today. His nickname was Clovature. Almost nobody smokes clove ciggies any more, so I always noticed the scent. He also has a groovy workshop/hut I watched him build over the months. And he has banana trees.

Shout out to David! (I think that was his name.)

Anyway, he asked about the camera as I sped by the other day, and when I answered him about where I post the footage, he misheard “fruitbooting.com” as “fruitbooty.com.”

He tells me this today. Fruitbooty. There is no fruitbooty.com…yet. And before I looked, I was just imagining the kinds of sites he might have gotten. But most of them were inline sites. Most of them. Still, from here on, both the boy and the wife will be saying (every day),

“Have fun fruitbootying!”
“How’s your fruitbooty?”
“Shake that fruitbooty!”

Saw a clown today. I think the pair on the right was trying to fend it off. It retreated peacefully.

New today: I tried carrying the compressed air horn I usually have on my bike. You fill the plastic-water-bottle-looking-thing with a bike pump, and you’re ready to unleash 110 decibels on unsuspecting hell phone “drivers.”

A little toot made a cable guy actually stop at a stop sign. And I gave a little toot toot as the train came in today, and got a toot toot back.

This thing is loud. Oh, I think we’ll have fun with this.

Day 18 in a row
Wheels: Day 10 (3 on this rotation)
Bearings: Day 15
1/5: “Fingers”
Mannys: “Hon”

Teh Mix: (The title that are links are from bands I’ve been in. Feel free to download and share.)
Stacks o’ Money – Eagles of Death Metal
The Fourth Night of My Drinking – Drive-By Truckers
The Long Cut – Uncle Tupelo
Trouble Dolls – Love Baby Kiss Doll
Standing in the Doorway – Soul Asylum
Lit Up – Buckcherry
I Might Come See You Tonight – Hellacopters
Mister Richard Smoker – Ween
Charlemagne in Sweatpants – The Hold Steady
Cartoon – Soul Asylum (Doubleshot)
Sink Hole – Drive-By Truckers (Doubleshot)
Jessaphine – Les Trout
San Berdoo Sunburn – Eagles of Death Metal (Doubleshot)
Bandages and Scars – Son Volt
Ode – Soul Asylum (Tripleshot!)
Happy Birthday – Concrete Blonde
Battleship Chains – Georgia Satellites
Somebody to Shove – Soul Asylum (Quadulpleshot!)

“Feel uncomfortable…”

July 16th, 2010

(@ Mitchell Park by the Senior Center)

At first I thought this guy was talking to some old guy coming out of the senior center. But then a whole bunch of oldsters came out and he turned his back. So maybe he was talking to me.
This hobo had serious dreads. Serious, matted dreads. I saw one that dread that was 3 inches wide.

Anyway, as I skate up, he grabs his crotch and shouts,

“Feel uncomfortable bi**h; feel uncomfortable!!”

Feel uncomfortable? With a crotch grab? That’s the best you got?

Here’s the video. Sorry so dark; it was pretty shady.

Day 17 in a row
Wheels: Day 9 (2 on this rotation)
Bearings: Day 14
1/5 – Fingers!
Manny’s – Hon (short for Honey, which is what she calls me…)

New Feature: Teh Mix – What was in the headphones today.

Birthday Boy – Drive-by Truckers (from the new record)
Massive Nights – The Hold Steady
Wasted Time – Kings of Leon
Tattooed Love Boys – Pretenders
Isrealites – Desmond Dekker
Every Single Day – Pennywise (Still don’t know if I like these guys yet.)
AM World – Louden Wainwright III
Rats in the Cellar – Aerosmith
Punishing World – NY Dolls (Having a little renaissance lately.)
Seen Your Video – Replacements (Besides Prince, the Replacements were the only good thing about music in the 80’s.)
Walk This Way – Aerosmith (Doubleshot!)
Whiskey in My Whiskey – The Felice Bros. (Wish they wouldn’t do so many slow songs, but this song rocks.)
Cut the Cake – AWB
Monique the Freak – Ween (Doing a dead-on Prince imitation.)
Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash
Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way? – Joe Ely and Uncle Tupelo
Making Up for Lost Time – The Hellacopters
Baby Stick Around – Joe Jackson
Miss Alissa – Eagles of Death Metal (One of my fave bands lately.)

“Got any spare change?”

July 14th, 2010

(@ Santa Rosa and Marsh)

“So…you just roll around…taking pictures of…whatever?”

“Yep. I’ve had some run-ins with bad drivers and cops and…ahem…such, and it’s nice to have some documentation.”

“Yeah? That’s tight.”

“Uh huh.”

” Got any spare change?”


Years ago, when I first started making videos with my Palm Zire 72, my son suggested that I do one of my spins while spraying water out of my mouth.

Here’s what happened that time:

Today, I finally got it right. (Check out the SLOPD sticker at the bottom of the screen. Represent!)

Day 15 in a row
Wheels: Day 7 (4 on this rotation)
Bearings: Day 12

Manny’s: FNG

Food on the Sidewalk

July 13th, 2010

Found some food on the sidewalk today. Three cans, a package of powdered milk, a package of hot dogs, and some peach preserves. It was all arranged neatly on the sidewalk on Broad St. (@Islay).

Food on the Sidewalk

Another hellfone idiot tried to iron me today. This one didn’t even look up until I yelled. Luckily for you at home, the audio cuts off right about there.

Day 14 in a row.
Wheels: Day 6 (3 on this rotation)
Bearings: Day 11
1/5: C-Dog on porch.
Temp: 83