Dog in a Bag and Kumbaya for Food

July 12th, 2010

Today I ran across the funny little white dawg again. I was skating down the path behind Scolari’s when I heard some furious yapping. I looked around for a dog but, well, it was right in front of me. He was hanging out of a hobo’s backpack as the guy rode his bike down the path.

“He remembers you,” says the guy, over his shoulder. Then to the dog,

“Back in the bag!”

The dog is yapping and trying to crawl out of the backpack to chase me. I wanted to skate in for a close-up, but I thought he might actually jump out, and he was on a choke chain. I didn’t need to kill the dawg for a close-up.

Also today, at Mitchell Park, I saw the semi-regular group of young hipsters playing songs for each other. But the groovy thing I noticed today, is that they tip each other with food! While one pair was playing and singing (in matched t-shirts, they were pretty good singers, if a little nervous-looking), I watched a girl get up shyly, and put a loaf of bread in the tip box-lid. Another one was holding a can of soup.

Groovy, man.

Day 13 in a row.
Wheels: Day 5 (2 on this rotation)
Bearings: Day 10
1/5: Coffee Machine – .15
Temp: 81

High 5 on High Street

July 11th, 2010

As I have said before, for some reason, wearing a camera on your head seems to attract high 5’s. this one was on High Street. We also see another dog who might provide possible hi-jinx in the future to keep an eye out for.

Day 12 in a row
Wheels: Day 4
Bearings: Day 9
2/5: C-Dog trying to go leash-free @ Mitchell (Denied by camera!) and P-Dog w/token chase behind fence,
Temp: 82, sweaty

Chloe at the Park

July 10th, 2010

Just a little fall:

And one of my regular dawgs doing some impromptu performing for a party. C-Dawg (Chloe) actually caught me one day a few years ago. Cost her owner 3 grand.

Day 11 in a row
Wheels: Day 2
Bearings: Day 8
1/5: C-Dog @ Mitchell
Temp: 78

Santa Rosa St. – Downhill from the Train Station

July 9th, 2010

One of my fave short hills. I’m going maybe 20 mph by the bottom of the hill.

Young, Rich and Beautiful

July 9th, 2010

I didn’t even notice this little drama playing out while I skated, until I was looking at the GoPro footage. Watch the woman in the pink jacket. The 5 1/5 block journey should take about 5 minutes, at a slow stroll. Her Sisyphean struggle with her shopping cart took more than 16 minutes.